The Celtics are more than just their superstar point guard. The supporting cast has come together to make an elite offense.

本赛季塞尔提克进步最大的就是他们的半场进攻。Synergy数据显示,上赛季此项统计还排在联盟第22位,而本赛季却一路飙升到第3。这里面很大程度要归功于Al Horford的加盟以及Isaiah Thomas的爆发。现在面对塞尔提克出色的半场进攻,我们就聊聊其中一点——挡拆。塞尔提克的挡拆执行只能说666,这里可不单单是Thomas和Horford。队内充分利用到了每位球员的技能包,如果你把传球也考虑在内,那塞尔提克在挡拆方面便有着联盟最优秀的进攻效率。

The biggest improvement of this year’s Celtics team is their half-court offense. Last season they ranked 22nd in the NBA, per Synergy. This season they’re risen all the way up to 3rd. The addition of Al Horford and ascendance of Thomas have been huge. Today we’ll look at one of the best aspects of their half-court offense: the pick-and-roll. The Celtics are fantastic at executing it, but it’s more than just IT and Horford. The Celtics have utilized the diverse skill sets of everyone on the team. When you factor in passing, the Celtics have the highest offensive rating in the NBA when running the pick-and-roll.

双语阅读丨不单单只有超级后卫,塞尔提克挡拆美如画 后卫们 The Guards

Thomas,Bradley和Smart三人负责了队内的大部分挡拆配合,并且每个人都在其中融入了自身的特点。Thomas, Bradley, and Smart account for most of the team’s pick-and-rolls, and they all put their unique spin on running it.


Everything starts with Thomas. He’s having a historic season, and the pick-and-roll is his go-to move. His patience with the ball, combined with his acceleration make him so tough to guard. Thomas has everything you want in a pick-and-roll guard: he can shoot from anywhere, he can finish at the rim, and he can pass, too. The beauty of his game really shines through with the variety of tricks he uses to score.


As the clips show, Thomas is successful however he approaches the pick. If the big defender gives him space after the pick, he’ll stop on a dime and bury the pull-up jumper. If his defender tries to ICE him away from the middle, Thomas is content to forgo the pick entirely and fly past the big. If the big jumps out to hedge, IT can split both defenders and drive to the basket. He can do it all.


Avery Bradley’s offensive game seems to improve every season. Even though he’s been hurt this year, he’s accounted for the second most pick-and-rolls on the team. While IT is more likely to go to the basket, Bradley thrives in shooting. Per Synergy, 76% of the time he takes a jump-shot after the pick. Bradley is a great mid-range and three-point shooter, so naturally he gravitates more to this style of play.

而对于Marcus Smart,乍眼一看由他发起挡拆应该不怎幺样,Synergy数据显示,他的持球表现排在联盟的后15%。但这些只是他个人的数据。多亏了Smart的技术特点,为球队的挡拆上增添了新战术。

On first glance, Marcus Smart appears to be an awful pick-and-roll player. He ranks incredibly low as a ball-handler, landing in the 15th percentile per Synergy. But, that’s only for the plays that finish with him. Thankfully for Smart, there is another element to pick-and-rolls that allows him to take advantage of his skills.

其实传球才是波士顿人顶级挡拆进攻的真正核心。Passing is what makes Boston’s pick-and-roll offense elite.


The Celtics have 3 of the top 4 pick-and-roll passers in the league, per Synergy. Thomas naturally uses the most possessions. He has the great ability to plunge into the heart of the defense, draw defenders, then kick out to an open shooter. Don’t underestimate his creative passes to the roll-man either.


Marcus Smart passes more often on his pick-and-rolls compared to IT and Bradley, per Synergy. It’s probably his best skill on offense, and it makes him a threat out of the pick-and-roll even though he can’t shoot. He’s adept at finding the roll-man in any situation.


His passing vision is awesome, and even reminiscent of Rondo at times. His improvement running the pick-and-roll has provided the Celtics with some much-needed playmaking outside of Thomas.

内线们 The Roll-Men

得益于内线们的稳定发挥,塞尔提克在此项统计上依旧錶现优异。虽然他们不能像DeAndre Jordan那样以恐怖的运动能力完成篮框作业。然而即使内线们身体天赋平平,球队依旧在挡拆中处理得很好。Synergy数据,塞尔提克在挡拆回合的表现总体排在联盟第3位。队内大部分时候内线会挡拆后切出空位。这样的战术与球队构成十分契合。波士顿的后卫可以有足够空间突破,大个子们也可以舒舒服服投篮。

This is an area where the Celtics are served well by having consistent bigs. They don’t have a freakishly athletic rim-runner like DeAndre Jordan. However, the Celtics have done just fine without a transcendent big man. Collectively, the Celtics rank third in the NBA at finishing pick-and-roll possessions, per Synergy. Most of the screener’s shots come out of the pick-and-pop variety. It fits with the makeup of the team. Boston’s guards can take advantage of less crowded driving lanes, and the big men get shots they’re comfortable with.

双语阅读丨不单单只有超级后卫,塞尔提克挡拆美如画 Horford在进攻中端无处不在,当然他戏份最多的位置还是作为挡拆中的掩护者。他只是代替了当初Jared Sullinger的位置 ,球队便发生质的飞跃。Horford掩护质量极高,这些数据或许都没有体现出来。

Horford is involved in so many aspects of the offense, so of course he’s the most used big in pick-and-roll situations. He’s replaced Jared Sullinger in that role, and it’s made a huge difference for the team. It doesn’t show up statistically, but he’s excellent at setting the screens. In an old Zach Lowe article, Kyle Korver gave this great quote about him:

在早些时候Zach Lowe的文章中,Kyle Korver曾对Horford给予很高的评价:「挡拆掩护是一门艺术……许多大个子不擅长掩护,一些人不能为控卫拉开空间,而另外一些人不能为自己跑出机会,但Horford却能两全其美,在这两方面都做得很好。」

Setting screens is an art… There are some big guys who just aren’t good at the pick-and-roll because they don’t know how to get their point guard open, or how to get themselves open. Al can do everything.


Horford can flatten a guy to create space for the guard, then bury a jumper after getting the ball back. He’s good when he rolls to the basket, but the pick-and-pop jumper is his calling card. Horford is a consistent mid-range shooter and solid from three, so he thrives in this setting.


Kelly Olynyk偶尔会打出出人意料的高阶数据。在你的印象里他可能不是一名挡拆好手,哈哈,拒绝印象流,Synergy数据显示,本赛季他在挡拆上的表现要优于联盟94%的球员。Olynyk在挡拆后袭篮的数据相当高效,此外,三分线外的表现更能体现他真正的价值。现在Olynyk偶尔还不能控制好自己的情绪,但只要给他机会开火,3分最好的7尺大个里,一定有他的一席之地。

Kelly Olynyk can surprise with advanced stats sometimes. You might not typically think of him in pick-and-roll situations, but he’s been exceptional this season. He’s ranking in the 94thpercentile per Synergy. Olynyk has actually been super effective at rolling to the rim, but his real value comes in fading back to the three-point line. His pump-faking can be infuriating at times, but he’s one of the best 7-footers at shooting the three when he just fires away.

许多塞尔提克的粉丝都想找个人替掉Amir Johnson的位置,但他在挡拆中的表现已经很不错了。Johnson也可以提供优秀的掩护质量,篮下的终极能力同样令人信赖。他是队内少有几个挡拆后杀进篮下的球员,所以他也可以在改变球队进攻端的节奏。可能他的投篮有些不着边际,但进攻中的那些髒活累活他都做得任劳任怨。

Plenty of Celtics fans are looking for an upgrade over Amir Johnson, but he’s been solid in this area. He’s another good screen setter, and a dependable finisher inside. Johnson is one of the few Celtics that primarily rolls to the basket, so he provides a nice change of pace. He may not get rewarded with a ton of shots, but he’s always willing to do the dirty work on offense.

射手们 Shooters


The Celtics are really effective from spot-up shots coming from pick-and-rolls. After applying some (entirely arbitrary) possession cutoffs, the Celtics have an astounding 8 players in the top 50 in this category, per Synergy. A big driver of this is their improved three-point shooting this year, especially coming from the corners. Per basketball-reference, Boston ranks second in the league in corner-three percentage, at 43%. This is a huge improvement from their awful 34% shooting last season. This really helps the effectiveness of a pick-and-roll offense. A great pass from the guard doesn’t do any good if the spot-up guy can’t make the shot. Plus, a defense having to deal with dangerous shooters around the pick-and-roll can give an offense more space to operate.

双语阅读丨不单单只有超级后卫,塞尔提克挡拆美如画 其实贡献最大的无疑是Jae Crowder。NBA.com数据,本赛季他在接球出手三分这项表现亮眼,命中率达到40.4%。而在挡拆中他恰好可以充分发挥自身的优势。Crowder是队内挡拆后跳投最多的球员。他本赛季跳投的杰出表现甚至得到全国型媒体的关注。Crowder长球了,同时它的进步也为球队提供的立竿见影的帮助。

Without a doubt, the biggest contributor to this is Jae Crowder. He’s been a monster on catch-and-shoot threes this season, hitting 40.4% per NBA.com. This skill has translated well into his role during pick-and-rolls. He takes more spot-up shots out of pick-and-rolls than any other Celtic. His excellent shooting this season has even drawn the attention of the national media. Crowder’s form has improved, and it’s payed immediate dividends for the Celtics.

双语阅读丨不单单只有超级后卫,塞尔提克挡拆美如画 想想队里挡拆跳投谁命中率最高?Smart!没想到吧。似乎样本不大(61个回合),但底角命中率达到47%。如果他能一直投得这幺好,对于球队进攻是一个很好的补充。当防守者放空Smart,去帮助防守挡拆时,他将拥有更好的机会来投进那些底角空位投篮。

This is unbelievable, but the best Celtic in spot-up shooting out of pick-and-rolls is actually Marcus Smart. This seems like an example of a relatively small sample (61 possessions), and an outlier in corner-three percentage (47%). But if he can keep shooting this well, it would be a nice addition to his offensive game. When defenders slag off of him to help defend the pick-and-roll action, then he’ll have a great chance to knock down open shots in the corner.



Now all this pick-and-roll stuff is great, but is it sustainable? The honest answer is 「I don’t know」. Boston is shooting really well this year. It’s not crazy to expect a little regression from IT and the shooters on the team. But I wouldn’t be overly concerned. The backbone of Boston’s pick-and-roll offense is solid, so the floor should be set pretty high. They have good screeners, creative guards, and good outside shooters. With those talents working in sync, it’s no fluke that the Celtics are the best pick-and-roll team in the NBA.

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